06/2014 : Susanna FRITSCHER – Longue Vue

Augmented telescope
Real-time video transformation on Raspberry Pi

10/2013 : Peter SINCLAIR – Roadmusic

Real-time drive sonification
Real-time video analysis tool for Android

12/2012 : Samuel Bianchini – Enseigne

Generative installation
Software for driving an LED display

10/2012 : Miguel Chevalier – La traversée des pixels 2012

Interactive installation for around 100.000 people per day
Real time video tracking system development

07/2012 : Miguel Chevalier – video server

Camera based interactive disposal

10/2011 : cie Les Choses de Rien – Les Fuyantes

Contemporary circus show
Dynamic video mapping software and sound design

06/2011 : Samuel Bianchini – Discontrol Party

Festive and Interactive Installation
Video tracking server for multi camera realtime compositing

06/2009 : Frédéric Mathevet – Pour les oiseaux

Live music performance
Video and sound development

02/2009 : Shilpa Gupta – Singing Cloud

Sound installation for 4000 reversed-wired microphone
48-channel real time spatialisation tool development

10/2008 : Frédéric Mathevet – Faire la peau

Live music performance
Turning a bodhràn into a touchscreen

09/2008 : Adelin Schweitzer – Augemented Reality

Augmented reality portable disposal
GPS tracking and real time sound processing

07/2008 : Serial Théâtre – F.A.C.E.S.

Street art installation
Sound Design

02/2008 : cie Les Choses de Rien – Bull

Street circus show
Live control on sound, light, robot and video…