RPi osc video player

i’ve just started an OSC video player on the RPi
for now, it’s just an embryo, it plays a demo video file defined in the code,
it’s a proof of concept : it can work but it needs some work
for now the only available feature is the 4 corners perspective correction (intended to be used with a video projector)

and i made a small pd patch to control the player

when i’ll have opportunity, i will add thoses features :
- OSC message to choose video file
- OSC transport control (play, pause, speed, loop…)
- OSC message to choose shader file and control its parameters
- command line arguments to choose video file, OSC port, and parameters

it’s based on the hello_video_cube example from Raspbian, so it uses the hardware decoding capabilities of the Pi

of course, it’s open source, feel free to test it : https://github.com/avilleret/rpi_osc_video_player